четверг, 19 ноября 2009 г.

Flash Builder on Linux

Great news for people who develop in Flex on Linux.
A great person feiy made a breakthrough. After half a year of discussion on Abode Jira THE feiy made a post:

hi,don't waiting....
this is a port version for linux:
a project to port the Adobe Flash Builder to Linux

So I took a try and here are the results:


  1. Download tar archive from here
  2. Try to extract. So, I couldn't do it properly, so simply rename archive file to Adobe_Flash_Builder_Beta_2_For_Linux_Alpha1.tar, just remove .gz and then try tar -xvf [archive_name]
  3. After extraction you get a folder Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2 Linux Alpha1 with eclipse folder inside
  4. Copy all the files from this new eclipse folder to your eclipse folder

Actually this is it for installation. Now everything should work.

Testing Flash Builder 4 under Linux

During testing I had some problems:

First problem with Flash Player and Flex 4

So I installed flex 4 sdk, made a test project and tried to run it. I got an error about different version of Flash Player, so I have to set in properties of the project to use Falsh Player 10.0.0. To do so go to: Project Properties/Flex Compiler/Adobe Flash Player options, check Use specific version. After that you can compile and get to debug mode.

Second problem with Flash Player

I didn't solve it yet but I'm in the process. Each time when I'm try to start the project or get into debug it gives me an Alert window

General Impressions

Sometimes eclipse gets stuck and I have to reload it. It happens on different operations, but I think it's just because it's beta version.

Also the most important was the improvement in installation process. I think right now it's the correct one, so I don't need to run wizards to setup plugin for eclipse as it was with Flex Builder 3 alpha for Linux and as it is right now on Windows. I can install it once and then give it to someone else, this is a basic idea of eclipse (I think so).

Anyway it's incredible to have flash builder 4 on linux, thanks a lot to feiy. I'll continue testing this version of builder and updating this post.

Have a nice code :)


November 21, 2009 - Flash Builder Alpha 2

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